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Phantasmagoria is an image effects editor that will surprise you
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Phantasmagoria is an image effects editor that will surprise you with its functionality and multiple effects. It allows you to optimize your photos and apply a lot of scary effects that will let you to convert your images in ghostly photos, and to personalize them to high extents, but that's not all. Customize text messages, edit screenshots and adjust webcam captures.

When Phantasmagoria is started, you will be welcomed by a friendly message (personalized for every user since it uses the computer's name to address you) and you will need to choose one of the four actions available: open an image, get a screenshot, get text or capture camera. Phantasmagoria offers you the possibility to capture your desktop and all the active windows with just one mouse click - you simply need to arrange all the items on your desktop, press a button, then you will be notified when your snapshot has been taken and you are free to adjust it as you wish.

Some of the distortion and warping effects that you can apply with Phantasmagoria are: mirror, glass message, kaleidoscope, marble, pinch, fisheye and twirl. If you still need to add just a little more "sparkle" to your graphic creations, try one or several of these artistic effects like cartoon, postmodern, blackboard, neon ghosts, sketch, charcoal or pixelate. Phantasmagoria also offers you the possibility to create several types of textures like brushed metal, underwater caustics, cellular, check, solid color, wood, and plasma that you can seamlessly integrate within your images to obtain unbelievably realistic photographs. In fact, Phantasmagoria will help you take your images to a whole new dimension.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Great effects
  • Works pretty fast


  • Spotlight could not be customized
  • You need to have installed the latest version of Java Runtime Environment in order to run the program
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